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Individual Planning & Investing


A successful wealth management strategy is one that provides for you when you decide to retire, and preserves for those you love. 

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To achieve this success, a financial strategy must be comprehensive. At Centinel Financial Group we work with your attorney, trustee, accountant and other professionals as necessary to create a customized strategy that considers your various wealth management needs.

Depending on your stage of life and financial concerns, we will help you find the appropriate solutions for issues such as funding for retirement, education funding, tax-advantaged investing1, protecting your assets, and organizing your estate. 

More fundamentally, we will seek to understand what is important to you, what you value, and what legacy you wish to leave behind. We recognize the confidentiality of your intentions and treat that as the cornerstone of our relationship.

Financial Planning

The process of financial planning centers around values, balancing expenses, and lifestyle goals. Our team works with you to share your experiences and concerns about finances so that you are more capable in building and sustaining net worth.

We help you understand the impact of spending and budgeting on your income, without passing judgment on your current situation. We recognize that the road to financial success is a process, one that we go through with you over a long-term relationship.

Investment Management

When building an investment portfolio, our goal is to bring you new ideas that help you become better educated, organized and capable of building net worth, all while managing its security. We engage you as an active participant in the process and discuss the experiences you bring to the table. We have mutual pride in your success and value your thoughts and opinions.

Our process clearly defines how we will work together so that you feel comfortable with your investment plan and how we can help you accomplish your objectives. Through an open architecture of investment platforms, we provide objective, personalized strategies, without having you take on undue risk. We help you think through your different investment options so that you become more capable in building net worth and maximizing your opportunities.

Wealth Accumulation

  • Portfolio Building - Through asset allocation, we can help develop an investment strategy that balances potential risk and return by diversifying your assets across several investment categories.2 We'll take into account your risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and your short-term as well as long-term goals.
  • Retirement Planning - If you are planning for a secure retirement, we can help evaluate your retirement income needs as well as assist in implementing any IRA rollover decisions.
  • College Funding - We can help you choose the right savings and investment vehicles, as well as appropriate plans available for financing an education.

Wealth Protection

Insurance is often one of the most important aspects of your life, yet at the same time, it is often misunderstood. Our team works with you to identify the intentions you have for yourself, your family or your business to determine if there is a need for insurance, either for income replacement, tax efficiency, or the proper continuation of your business. We assess if you have the right type and amount of insurance so that you maximize what you receive from the premiums you are paying.

Life Insurance provides for the replacement of lost income or human life value upon death, as well as serves as a means for tax efficiency during an estate or business transfer. It additionally can provide “living benefits” through the use of cash value insurance for supplemental income needs.

  • Survivorship Protection - We can help you develop a survivor protection strategy using life insurance to provide the income your heirs will need to maintain their lifestyle.
  • Asset Protection - We can recommend and design strategies to help protect your life savings and your independent lifestyle using various financial vehicles and insurance to help safeguard your family's financial future.
  • Disability Income Insurance - Often overlooked is the need to protect your current income stream and future earnings in the event of a disability. We can help you protect your earnings so that you can help maintain your financial independence and continue to fund for your future retirement or personal financial goals.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance - Long-term care insurance helps protect your assets and your loved ones during a time of extended care. It helps you maintain your independence and ease the emotional burden of care on those important to you.

Wealth Distribution

Trust and Estate Planning3 - With an effective trust and estate planning strategy, you can control your assets according to your wishes, consider taxes1, reduce administrative costs, and ensure the proper management of your affairs should you become unable to do so. You may also be interested in developing charitable or family gifting strategies to pass along your wealth. Based on your individual situation, we can recommend techniques for approaching these challenges.

Income Distribution - Many of today's retirees have retirement savings held in a variety of accounts. We can create a strategy to ensure you are distributing your income in the most tax efficient way throughout your retirement years.

1Financial analysis and recommendations do not constitute tax, legal or accounting advice. Anyone interested in these transactions or topics should seek advice based upon his or her particular circumstances from independent professional advisors.

2 Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

3 Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against losses in periods of declining values. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. An ongoing management fee is charged to investors who are invested in these portfolios. Investors should note that the deductions of fees will impact overall account returns.

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