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Risk Management & Insurance Planning

Insurance is often one of the most important aspects of your life, yet at the same time, it is often misunderstood. Our team works with you to identify the intentions you have for yourself, your family or your business to determine if there is a need for insurance, either for income replacement, tax efficiency, or the proper continuation of your business. We assess if you have the right type and amount of insurance so that you maximize what you receive from the premiums you are paying.

Life Insurance provides for the replacement of lost income or human life value upon death, as well as serves as a means for tax efficiency during an estate or business transfer. It additionally can provide “living benefits” through the use of cash value insurance for supplemental income needs.

Disability Income Insurance provides an income stream for you or your business during a time of illness or incapacity. It seeks to protect one of your greatest assets — your ability to earn an income.

Long-Term Care Insurance helps protect your assets and your loved ones during a time of extended care. It helps you maintain your independence and ease the emotional burden of care on those important to you.